Outreach Strategy

The primary outreach will be through the regional chambers of commerce, social media, and direct email to local businesses. We are counting on cooperation from the chambers, but time will tell how interested and able they are in spreading the word. Here are the organizations we will relay public communication through:

Social Media will also be deployed to invite feedback and reach out to the community. We will also send emails directly to businesses. Follow up phone calls will also be made to those businesses that are deemed likely to participate. Hopefully, we will garner enough participation to get valuable and substantial feedback.

The timing of the outreach has been particularly challenging due to the ongoing election saga, the looming holidays, and the recent surge of the virus locally. Nonetheless, next week seems like the optimal time as the election results will be certified, schools will be out, and the reality of the pandemic sets in. We may have a more receptive audience, but clearly getting the attention of businesses will be a challenge.